Test Series

Frequent retrieval increases retention. That is, when something is retrieved frequently after learning it, it will increase its retention for a long time. Thus tests are a must for retaining something for a long time and also to check for one’s preparedness for the exam.

UPSC exam is different from most other competitive exams. It checks not just a candidate’s knowledge, but also one’s analytical skill, time management, crisis management and logical thinking. It is vital not to score negative marks than to score positive marks in the preliminary exam. A candidate must be good at the skill of ‘elimination method’ to arrive at answers. This skill can be learnt through practice. Thus, aspirants should solve as many tests as possible to increase their potential of cracking the exams.

Aram IAS academy conducts series of tests for all the three stages of the exam process. We are proud to claim that our questions are on par with UPSC questions.



Fundamentals test based on NCERT to improve your proficiency in fundamentals.

Exclusively Highly Stimulated Tests to Cover all Miscellaneous Topics Important for Prelims Exam

Clear separation of topics to have proper Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat analysis of your performance.

Thorough discussions after every test which will help you identify your mistakes and give you a complete idea of the topics.

Apart from test discussion, detailed key and explanation will be provided for all tests.

Exclusive Subject wise tests for revision.

Break up of topics is done systematically so that you can cover many subjects in one test.

Orientation Class before each test will give you a clear insight on preparation strategy for the test.

ARAM is the only Institute to offer more number of Tests in Test Series Batch.


Every test will have orientation where you will have a very clear description of the Syllabus and a brief discussion on each topic.

We are the only Institute in India to fix time schedule for return of evaluated test papers and individual feedback.

Every test will have Test discussion.

A unique collection of practice questions – “DO NOT MISS SERIES” based on Current Affairs, Society, Governance, and Ethics.

Logical distribution of test topic is done and it makes the students to understand the interconnected nature of the syllabus.

Essay test is also included in the test series.

Least Voluminous and Most Comprehensive in Nature.

Answer writing skills and structure formation to be part of our test discussion.

Assured Individual attention.


Orientation Class for every test which will give you a clear insight of preparation strategy for next test.

Shorts cuts are taught in the orientation

Thorough discussion on every test which will give you a complete idea of the topics.

Clear separation of topics to have proper Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat analysis of your performance.

Scientific Break up of topics so that you cover inter related areas in one test.

Individual test to cover previous year questions.

Individual performance feedback for every student after the test results.

Unbelievable number of tests.